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Meat transportation in Taiwan (on a scooter?)

Spotted this guy driving through central Toufen in Miaoli one weekday morning.


Calm as you like, riding along with a tub full of chicken carcasses and what looked like pork on the back of his scooter. [Continue reading…]

Curbside Bamboo

Depending on where you are in Taiwan, one of the best times to head for a meal is the early afternoon.

People tend to follow a set routine here, and more often then not that gap between lunch and dinner is a lull.

On this particular occasion I’d just parked the scooter to the side of the road and was looking forward to a nice bowl of beef noodles.

I’d parked in backwards and once I was satisfied I was far enough away from the nearby cars, flicked the ignition and hopped off.

Pulling off my helmet I then noticed bits of yellow strewn out all over the curb.


At first I thought it was some sort of rubbish… then it dawned on me. I was looking at someone’s attempts to dry bamboo.


Shit just got weird. [Continue reading…]

Shimano Tiagra Triple Front Derailleur failure @ 24,400 kms


A few weeks ago I noticed my front derailleur had stopped working.

I rarely change my front gear but noticed that the cable looked a bit saggy. The derailleur was on the right gear (I primarily use the middle), but when I went to shift the lever it only slightly made a difference to the cable tension.

Looking down I then realised the derailleur tension had gone.

The chain held on the middle chainring so I put it into the “I’ll investigate this later” basket. That time came around last weekend, when I decided it was time to do my six-month bicycle cleanout/maintenance.

Not really familiar with the workings of a derailleur (flip the gear knob, it moves), it took me a while to figure out what had happened. [Continue reading…]

Zhunan Train Station, Miaoli

Zhunan Train Station is the major train station between Miaoli and Hsinchu stations.

Not quite a “city” station, it’s still a step up from the little township stations you’ll fly by if you’re not on a local train (and if you are, god help you – those things are slow!).

In the time that I’ve been here, the station has been renovated twice – they spent ages doing the front and then the back. The front in its original state was ok but kind of annoying.

Cars were able to drive right up to the entrance and you usually had chaos on any given day. They’ve since replaced that with a pedestrian area where you can meet people, wait to be picked up or just collect your thoughts (work out where you’re going) before heading off.


As you can see, cars (taxis) can still drive up to drop people off, but now they only have access to about half the are they previously did (the light grey area is curbed and only for pedestrians). Off camera the pedestrian area stretches off a bit (to the left). [Continue reading…]

Profanities on sale, never be caught out again!

Ever had one of those moments where you’re lost for words? Personal vulgarity lost its steam? Not quite the sailor you once were?

Never fear, Swear is here! [Continue reading…]