Taiwan is full of enterprising people who hold a diverse tapestry of employment positions. Most however are overworked, underpaid and in the face of rising living costs, increasingly struggling to make ends meet.

And then there’s this guy:

You can’t really see him in the photo, but tucked away in that blue truck is a guy sleeping.

Spotted in Jhunan Township down in Miaoli County, typically this blue truck owner rocks up around 11am, sets up his little toys on the side of the road and then has a nap in a hammock set up inside his truck.

I don’t know how profitable this venture is but it seems popular enough that halfway across Taiwan, up in the mountains of Taipei County’s Linkou Township, I spotted the exact same thing:

Since then I’ve come across the ‘guy sleeping in a blue truck selling random stuff’ phenomena multiple times all across Taiwan. I’ve seen shoes, power tools, handbags, $2 shop variety items, seats, picture frames, suits, fruit and vegetables and hell even porn all sold in this way.

Most commonly though, these sleeping blue truck owners seem to prefer to sell childrens toys (and I don’t mean for that to sound as creepy as it does).

Like I said before, no idea how much money is in it but it seems a hell of a better way to spend your day then slaving away in an office or any number of “regular” jobs I can think of.

Here’s to Taiwan’s lazy roadside shop owners!