Whereas most of the houses and architecture in general of Taiwan seems stuck in the (18)80s, wander around long enough and occasionally you’ll run into some delightful little gems.

I was cycling through Miaoli County’s Toufen Township one day when I happened across what I can only describe as a wonderful little moat house.

Sitting on a block of land surrounded by a local irrigation canal, the moat house can only be accessed via a 3-4 meter bridge that sits out the front.

Should an earthquake take out the little bridge, I’m not entirely sure how the residents would get out. Then again, we’re hardly talking a crocodile infested defensive moat from the middle ages, so I suppose if push came to shove they’d manage until the bridge was fixed.

The house itself still kind of looks like a bit like a spacestation but at least the owners have done a bit to differentiate the house from the usual blocks of drab.

Windmills adorn the roof and clearly some effort has been put into surrounding the house with lively greenery.

If only more houses in Taiwan looked like this…