If you’re heading out of Toufen via Route 3 (Zhongzheng Rd), after heading east and just before you hit Sanwan Township proper to the south, you’ll come across Emei Bridge and a neat little lookout.

Nothing more than an unceremonious crossing into one of the outer borough neighbourhoods of Sanwan, Emei Bridge is still easily enough to spot from the main highway.


We crossed the bridge over to the neighbourhood on the otherside as there was some local event going on. Lots of music and eating on big banquet tables etc.

There was a stage set up and if you crossed the bridge you wound up right next to it. As such after crossing Emei Bridge I then found myself infront of a few hundred Sanwan locals.

Feeling that most of the attention was shifting from whatever was going on stage to me, and feeling hugely self-conscious about it (even the speaker began to slow down), I backed off and headed back over the bridge.

I don’t mind a bit of staring but a few hundred gawking and open-mouthed Miaoli locals is where I start to draw the line.

Continuing on our way towards Sanwan, we then found this little lookout about a hundred and fifty meters down the road.


I’ve passed through this area a few times now and always noticed a big tour bus or two stopped, with a bunch of tourists walking around. Not wanting to mingle (these groups are usually irritatingly loud), I’d never stopped to see what they were looking at.

This time there were no buses around though so we pulled over.

What we found was a pleasant glass lookout that poked out over the highwayside river valley.


Dunno what happened here, but someone had taken it upon themselves to cause some damage:


Maybe it was the tourists… maybe a late night idiot on a scooter failing a reverse to turn around (after driving his ride right onto the platform), who knows…

View wise you had the river valley to behold. Towards the north you had Emei Bridge and what lay beyond:


And towards the south a short walkway tracing the river towards Sanwan Township proper:


A plaque outfront of the lookout informed us that the lookout was officially named “Rùkǒu yìxiàng” (入口意象), and opened in November 2008 by Sanwan “chief” Céng Wǔxióng  (鄉長 曾武雄):


Not a bad spot to take a break if you’ve just tackled Miaoli’s mountains and are heading back to civilisation. Ditto if you’re heading out of Toufen on Route 3 and looking for a place to stop and eat.


Be sure to grab some food before heading out of Toufen though, and watch out for the tourist buses! Might be better to stop at Emei Bridge in that case…