When I first visited Taipei 101 and made my way up to the observation deck on the 91st floor, I couldn’t help but look up at the spire of the building and wonder what was up there.


I mean it’s called Taipei 101 for a reason, there’s 101 floors so what were they hiding beyond the 91st floor?

An initial investigation didn’t turn up much. There was bugger all information on what was up there in Chinese (apparently nobody in Taiwan had ever asked) with English only being slightly more informative. Apparently in 2011 fireworks engineer Drew Sikora saw what he believed to be a super secret VIP club up there, “Summit 101“.

Unfortunately that’s where the trail went cold. We tried calling up 101 and asking about hiring the floor, only to have the lady on the phone state “it’s never hired out” and demanding to know how we found out about the club.

Subsequent phonecalls just wound up with staff denying anything was up there altogether.

Earlier this year I was showing a relative up there and when he asked one of the guards on the 91st floor, he just said it was for “the antennas”. Another guard said he “didn’t know”…

Turns out there is indeed something up there, and Sikora was pretty much right on the money.


For the first time ever, Taipei 101 management took up a reporter from TVBS and let them have a peek around.


Today is its first time we have exposed the 101st floor. The 101st floor is 62 ft sq square

Over the past 10 years only visting Presidents and important foreign visitors have been up there and it’s never been exposed before.

Even most of the staff working in Taipei 101 don’t know there is a 101th floor.

Whether or not the space was ever officially called Summit 101 I have no idea but there’s definitely a club up there.

Going off that TVBS photo, personally I think it looks a little bland. I suppose the shot was taken during the day though, and most lounge spaces do look a bit boring without evening lighting effects.

In any case why, after ten years of supreme secrecy, is Taipei 101 management finally showing people what’s up there?

Well, the official reason is it’s part of the tenth anniversary celebrations for the building, but really it’s just a marketing ploy to drive sales in the mall below.

The view is even better which will become an attraction for annual sales.

People who spend 1 million and 10 thousand TWD dollars in a day ($34,000 USD)  will be able to visit the 101th floor.

Guess the numbers of visiting presidents and “important foreign visitors” to Taiwan must be dwindling, with management deciding they can make better use of the space.

There’s currently a shopper VIP room on the 6th floor, which I’m guess they’ll retire.

Meanwhile if the 101st super secret room could speak, I wonder what stories it’d tell. Bet there’s been some interesting things that have gone on up there unbeknownst to visitors and staff of the building (take very NYE fireworks celebration for example).

Whilst I guess we’ll never truly know what went on up there, at least we now know what’s up there. There really is a club up there and it really was used as an exclusive club for the Taiwan’s elite and their guests.

Mystery solved!