I don’t have kids so I can’t personally comment on the level of commitment I’d put into purchasing children’s clothes.

Maybe I’d care what was printed on my kid’s tshirt… maybe I wouldn’t. I suppose there’s a multitude of far more important factors that go into the purchase of kid’s clothes then simply fact-checking (cost, wear and tear, color preference etc.).

I imagine how fast a child is growing also has some impact, seeing as that pretty much dictates the life-span of the garment.

Still, deep down I’d like to imagine something like this wouldn’t escape my attention.

From the front, this student’s tshirt looks innocent enough:


On the back though, there’s all sorts of “wtf”:


Not only did they spell “Great Britain” with an “e”, but apparently this Ereat Britain, with its whole twelve states, shares the same flag as the US.

Like I said, I can appreciate the tshirt probably cheap and that the kid won’t fit into it in a few months anyway… but still. As a parent how does having to look at “Ereat Britain” everytime your kid wears the tshirt not drive you nuts?